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    These are some of the projects I've been working on that I want to showcase! This page is generated from my list of pinned repositories on Github, but if you want to see other things I've done, you can visit my profile.

    I wanted to make my personal website and resume from "scratch" (somewhere between vanilla HTML and a WYSIWYG editor). I landed on a stack of Gatsby, Bulma, react-pdf, Github Actions/Pages/API, and Contentful.

    As a singer, I absolutely loved the LEGO Grand Piano set, but as a software engineer, I was very sad with the technical limitations. I knew LEGO designed it the way they did to save on costs, but I wanted to improve upon their design.

    Unfortunately, JetBrains has said they have no intentions of adding Service Fabric support to Rider, but I've worked at two companies that use it, so I'm aiming to build a plugin for the functionality I need

    I love self-hosting a number of services, but there came a point where the number of computers and configurations became too unweildy for my memory, so I built out a Puppet configuration for peace of mind and ease of future setup.


    Purdue University

    West Lafayette Campus

    Fall 2015 - Spring 2019

    • Majors

      Computer Science
    • Minors

      MathematicsMusic Theory & History
    • Concentrations

      Software EngineeringSystems ProgrammingProgramming Languages

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